A Quick Start Guide to Kansas City’s Speakeasy Scene

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

A thriving town during the Prohibition era, Kansas City is home to a number of low-key watering holes we like to call Speakeasies. Thanks to the hoppin’ jazz scene and probably Mr. Pendergast himself, Kansas City bars know how to create that ambiance of exclusivity pretty dang well. Kansas City Speakeasies This is by no… Continue reading A Quick Start Guide to Kansas City’s Speakeasy Scene

How to Use Up the Perishable BS You bought at Costco

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Its a novice mistake all Costco cardholders make at least once in their membership lifetime: buying too many perishable items. That shiny new Costco card feels like a dream, and so does buying a year’s worth of two-ply toilet tissue for a penny per square foot. But you let it get out of hand.

How to Wrap Filipino Egg Rolls (Lumpia) According to My Mom

Lumpia has been a longtime favorite among Filipinos and Westerners alike. My mom makes her own version and is surprisingly more particular about the technique of rolling than she is about what goes inside the lumpia. During my last visit home, she decided to teach me how to properly roll lumpia.