A Quick Start Guide to Kansas City’s Speakeasy Scene

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A thriving town during the Prohibition era, Kansas City is home to a number of low-key watering holes we like to call Speakeasies. Thanks to the hoppin’ jazz scene and probably Mr. Pendergast himself, Kansas City bars know how to create that ambiance of exclusivity pretty dang well. Kansas City Speakeasies This is by no… Continue reading A Quick Start Guide to Kansas City’s Speakeasy Scene

On the difference between heritage and culture

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I don’t denounce my heritage or my culture. I need both to make me, me. But I want people to understand the line between the two. I want my heritage to be my part of my background, not center stage. I want to be seen as an American as much as anything else.

Why Cosmic Horror is The Most Relevant Genre of Our Time

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Cosmic horror (also known as Lovecraftian horror), is a horror of a different breed. While basic forms of horror center around external fears like monsters or the supernatural, cosmic horror fixates on the one most crippling, inescapable, and unexplainable fear we all try to ignore: the fear of the unknown. The universe and everything beyond it is too vast for us to understand, and completely indifferent of our existence. Now, that’s scary.

How to Compliment a Woman (or anyone, really)

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“Why can’t I just give a woman a compliment?” This is the common response I hear from men who don’t understand why unwarranted feedback on our appearance tends to be ill-received. Aside from an eye-roll, I really have nothing to offer these knuckle-draggers. However, I do have a bit of advice for those well-meaning folks who just don’t understand the mechanics of a good compliment.

How to Use Up the Perishable BS You bought at Costco

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Its a novice mistake all Costco cardholders make at least once in their membership lifetime: buying too many perishable items. That shiny new Costco card feels like a dream, and so does buying a year’s worth of two-ply toilet tissue for a penny per square foot. But you let it get out of hand.