5 Reasons Frida Kahlo’s Face is not a trend piece.

There was Frida before the Fridamania magnets.


Frida Kahlo went viral before social media was a thing. 

In 1920s Mexico, muralists dominated the art scene. She broke the mold by focusing on postcard-sized self-portraits. They were considered subversive because they were surreal and often less attractive than reality. She used herself and her traumas as the subject of her paintings and it was goddamn bold and shameless.

This image was created by artist Fabian Ciraolo, whose art is actually pretty cool. But maybe give him some credit before plastering it on a pillowcase?

Her life was fucking hard.

She grew up during the Mexican Revolution. She contracted polio when she was six. She was hit by a streetcar and impaled in the pelvis. She had multiple miscarriages and abortions, possibly due to her twisted ovaries or just her own prerogative, *shrugs*. She survived infected kidneys, a trophic ulcer on her foot, and gangrene. Don’t even get me started on her love life.

Frida Kahlo and died before the members of Daft Punk were born. 

She died in 1954. Those dudes were born in the 70s.

Her work is argumentative and emotionally charged.

Her hardships fueled the subject matter of her paintings, but they’re more than personal. They provide commentary on society, government, culture, and identity. Her paintings were personal, surreal, and unapologetic. She is regarded as an icon for Chicanos, the Feminism movement, and the LGBTQ movement.

Plenty of sellers don’t give a shit about what Frida Kahlo stands for. 

I’m not saying don’t rock the Frida merch, but I am saying you should know where it comes from. Do your research on the seller. Frida hated capitalism, so buying some unibrow phone case from a big box store doesn’t do her much justice. Try making your own, or buying from an independent seller or museum.

“I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learnt how to swim…”

-Frida Kahlo